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Some days are for napping lazily in sunbeams. Today is not one of those days. Today is a day for finding the darkest, coolest corner of the apartment and sprawling out on the floor, in your underwear, with the fan aimed directly at you and your laptop far enough away so that you don't feel its heat but close enough that you can shop online for sundresses because you never want to wear pants ever again.

It's hot as hell, is what I am trying to say. And like the amazing krissychula, I do not approve.

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SpaceX's successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station is by far the coolest and most exciting thing I've read in weeks. The next handful of major advances in space travel are surely going to be made by privately-owned ventures like SpaceX, and it's easy to see a path--a long path, and probably an expensive and chaotic one, but a viable path all the same--from this morning's launch to private commercial space travel within my lifetime. That is so cool.

Updates in realtime at the Mission Status Center.

More cool stuff:
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Remember When? edition:
  • I've posted this many other elsewheres, but it bears sharing here, too: Remember when you woke up full of awesome?
  • Also remember that long-ago time when MTV playing something besides music videos was a rare late-night treat rather than the other way around? Revisit (most of) it at LiquidTelevision.com. There's no Stick Figure Theater, but you can find it elsenet.
San Francisco edition: You Are Not So Smart edition: NSFW edition:


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