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The Internet is full of my favorite things today!
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I love that modern (and some not-so-modern) technology allows me to: 1) Find out that my sister and her husband are celebrating their first anniversary at a local-to-them hotel tonight, 2) Discover which hotel, and 3) Sneakily order celebratory goodies to be sent to their room, all within the space of half an hour from 3,000 miles away. And less than an hour later I was able to watch their discovery of their surprise delivery unfold on Facebook. Yay technology!

And, once again, happy anniversary to [profile] yamantha and John. I'm glad you feel so loved today, because you are indeed loved and supported, both as awesome individuals and as a beautiful couple. We gotta celebrate love wherever it is found.


Here are some ephemeral celebrations of technology, language, and art:
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SpaceX's successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station is by far the coolest and most exciting thing I've read in weeks. The next handful of major advances in space travel are surely going to be made by privately-owned ventures like SpaceX, and it's easy to see a path--a long path, and probably an expensive and chaotic one, but a viable path all the same--from this morning's launch to private commercial space travel within my lifetime. That is so cool.

Updates in realtime at the Mission Status Center.

More cool stuff:
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Once again, Jonathan Carroll posts beautiful poetry that pierces me right through the heart. I am always worried about being too much.

The Too Much
Christa Bell

Couldn’t have been more beautiful
Than I was last night.
I couldn’t have been sexier,
Or more luscious.
My ass couldn’t have been bigger
Or glowed more brightly.
My teeth couldn’t have been whiter,
Skin softer,
Hair shinier.
I couldn’t have smelled any sweeter,
Been nicer,
Or more holy.

And still I was not enough
For you.
‘Not enough,’
My friends tell me,
Will never be my issue.
They say it’s ‘the too much’
That leaves lovers like me
Strangled by our own question marks.

You see—
Some women love lightly,
Like whispers wrapped in spun sugar.
And these are the ones who make it so hard
For the blue-black molasses
Ever-lasting taffy kind of love
That overwhelms the tongue.
They make it hard for those of us who,
Due to circumstances beyond our control,
Are destined to always
Over-love with a vengeance. Read more... )


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