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Our friend T is in town for the traditional Rush show visit. The show was last night, and it was fantastic, as always. More so, actually, thanks to the addition of an 8-piece string ensemble for the second half of the show. The new album hadn't really grabbed me yet, but now that I've heard it live with string accompaniment I see why everyone loves it so much. And the cellos were a great addition to "Red Sector A," too.

It was a pretty long performance, though, and as fun as it was I was ready for it to be over well before the encore. So of course the encore was like half of 2112. I stayed upright for it, but then fell asleep in the car before we were even out of the parking lot.


Some really fascinating long reads for this rainy Friday afternoon: Also, who wants to help me set up a 501c3 of some sort so we can try for a chance to spend the night on Alcatraz?
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SpaceX's successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station is by far the coolest and most exciting thing I've read in weeks. The next handful of major advances in space travel are surely going to be made by privately-owned ventures like SpaceX, and it's easy to see a path--a long path, and probably an expensive and chaotic one, but a viable path all the same--from this morning's launch to private commercial space travel within my lifetime. That is so cool.

Updates in realtime at the Mission Status Center.

More cool stuff:


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