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Bye Bye Fog see you later
Tell the egrets wait for me
Give my love to shoreline breezes
So long ocean view
We’ll be back beside the bay
Sure as tides and sunset

--Poem found at a shellmound
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By happy conincidence, my evening plans last night took me to the Castro. The atmosphere got approximately 90% more celebratory as soon as I stepped off the Muni at Castro station, and it took me just a minute to realize why. There was a rally going on nearby that I never saw (and apparently one over at City Hall, too), but there were folks with signs and big happy grins, and lots of joyous shouting, and every 20 minutes or so someone in the bar I was at (which is apparently known as the gay Cheers?) called for a toast to marriage equality. It was a pretty great place to be at that moment in time.


Some links for your hump day afternoon slacking pleasure:
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Remember When? edition:
  • I've posted this many other elsewheres, but it bears sharing here, too: Remember when you woke up full of awesome?
  • Also remember that long-ago time when MTV playing something besides music videos was a rare late-night treat rather than the other way around? Revisit (most of) it at LiquidTelevision.com. There's no Stick Figure Theater, but you can find it elsenet.
San Francisco edition: You Are Not So Smart edition: NSFW edition:


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