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The Internet is full of my favorite things today!
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SpaceX's successful launch of the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station is by far the coolest and most exciting thing I've read in weeks. The next handful of major advances in space travel are surely going to be made by privately-owned ventures like SpaceX, and it's easy to see a path--a long path, and probably an expensive and chaotic one, but a viable path all the same--from this morning's launch to private commercial space travel within my lifetime. That is so cool.

Updates in realtime at the Mission Status Center.

More cool stuff:
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"Did you walk up to Volunteer Park to watch the eclipse?" was the first thing Ricki said to Priscilla when she came by her apartment Monday noon.
"Nope. Didn't make it outdoors," said Priscilla, yawning.
"You watched it on TV then?"
"No, I didn't."
"You didn't see it
at all?"
"I listened to it," said Priscilla. "I listened to it on the radio. It sounded like bacon frying."

--Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

I mostly missed yesterday's eclipse. I had vague notions of finding somewhere to go watch it, but when Sunday evening rolled around and the #eclipse tweets started rolling in I was home in my jammies trying to have a relaxing rest of the weekend. I threw together a simple pinhole projector and ran outside a couple times to try to see it, but we don't have a very good line of sight to the sun during that time of day. I finally caught the tiniest sliver of a shadow at the very end. It did not sound like bacon frying.


I'd been looking forward to having my weekends back now that the big ride is over and I no longer feel like I have to devote the weekends to training, but the weekends have still been pretty packed and over much too soon. Last weekend I spent Saturday running errands and trying to catch up on a couple weeks of neglected housework, and all day Sunday getting the rest of my tattoo outlined (oh, how I love it! Pictures soon). This past weekend I co-presented an all-day training on Saturday that was fun but a little draining, and yesterday there was brunch and coffee and The Avengers and more errands and then somehow the day was nearly gone.

(I really, really enjoyed Avengers. It was just a ridiculous amount of fun, with a lot of the things I love about comic books, and just enough Joss Whedon to warm my fangirl heart and give the movie more brains then these things usually have, but not so much that it took away from the 'splodey action goodness.)

I don't really know what I mean by "having my weekends back." I need time to take care of the cooking and errands and housework and all the other things I don't have time to take care of during the week. But I also really want a couple of days that are relatively unscheduled and free of obligations, where I can just relax and enjoy spending time with my loved ones. And I want to be able to go out and do fun stuff, too: hang out with friends, take short trips, go for bike rides, and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather. Lacking a TARDIS or a time-turner I can't fit all that into one weekend, especially not on top of all the other things (important, enriching, fun, and useful things) I find myself committing to. Maybe what I really want is a vacation. I'm certainly looking forward to the three-day weekend coming up.
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The marathon itself was a smashing success, both in terms of film lineup and our personal logistics. I guess after 11 years(!) of doing this we've got it down. Arrived at the theater at the right time, set up camp in our usual seats, wore appropriately warm and comfortable layers of clothing, and packed just enough snacks and supplies to keep us happy without taking up too much space. I also stayed awake for the most time I ever have during the 'thon, with just a little napping during Scanners and the first few minutes of Paul. I'm not sure what to attribute it to--I wasn't even using a caffeine optimization app!--but it worked out nicely, since I wanted to see most everything.

The films! )

The trailer for the the winner and my favorite, Dimensions:


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