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I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange noise that sounded almost like water dripping or electricity crackling (or something worse I refuse to think about) inside one of the walls. I never figured out what it was--I shuffled some stuff near that wall around, and when the noise stopped I was able to convince myself it must have been something innocuous and I fixed it--and it took me awhile to settle down and get back to sleep. When I finally did, I had a vivid and unsettling dream about my landlord hiring professional pranksters to set up an elaborate trick that made us think the bedroom ceiling was disintegrating and letting all manner of terrifying creatures from the attic crawl in, while pretending he didn't see any of the things we were seeing. In the dream he didn't understand why we were so upset with him once we'd discovered he was fucking with us. I woke up as I was telling him, "I'm sorry, but we've got to get out of here."

It doesn't take a psychology degree to understand where that came from.

  • I have completely fallen in love with Welcome to Night Vale. It's kind of difficult to describe without resorting to comparisons like "It's like A Prairie Home Companion set in Arkham" (which it totally is, but it's also so much more!) but this trailer for an imaginary Night Vale TV series captures the feel quite well.
  • The UK department store Debenhams has released what is probably the first ever lookbook to include plus-sized, elderly, and disabled models, and the results are stunning. Everyone's been recommending Debenham's bras to me but I've been putting off the overseas order, but now I think I don't mind spending a little extra money with them.
  • I haven't tried the new Bay Area Bike Share yet, but I'm excited to. I don't think I'll be able to have quite as much fun with it as this guy, though.
  • I love this photography project showcasing the variety of bikes and bodies found among Toronto cyclists (mildly NSFW on account of some ladies in bras). Cycle Style Boston is a similar, less-NSFW one.
  • The difference between bluegrass, Old Time, and Celtic bands now finally explained. Being a fan rather than a musician I only get about a third of the jokes, but I'm posting mostly for this one:
    Old Time and Celtic songs are about whiskey, food and struggle. Bluegrass songs are about God, mother and the girl who did me wrong. If the girl isn’t dead by the third verse, it ain’t Bluegrass. If everyone dies, it’s Celtic.
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I love that modern (and some not-so-modern) technology allows me to: 1) Find out that my sister and her husband are celebrating their first anniversary at a local-to-them hotel tonight, 2) Discover which hotel, and 3) Sneakily order celebratory goodies to be sent to their room, all within the space of half an hour from 3,000 miles away. And less than an hour later I was able to watch their discovery of their surprise delivery unfold on Facebook. Yay technology!

And, once again, happy anniversary to [profile] yamantha and John. I'm glad you feel so loved today, because you are indeed loved and supported, both as awesome individuals and as a beautiful couple. We gotta celebrate love wherever it is found.


Here are some ephemeral celebrations of technology, language, and art:
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In the past I've been a little irrationally annoyed with Leap Day, because grr argh meaningless artifical construct of time. This time around I'm inclined to see it as a little bit magical, a day that doesn't really exist, time hidden from the eyes of the gods. When I said this on Twitter this morning, a friend pointed out that saying that sounded like a great way to get Coyote to mess with me. She's got a point, but I figure with Rabbit tattooed on my back, I've already got the attention of the tricksters. And on the eve of my birthday, I've got a feeling this is going to be the year of poking at gods and other sacred things with sticks.


Leap Day Ephemera, Beautiful Things Edition:
  • A beautiful rant about why photography in all forms is amazing and the photography snobs bemoaning the dying of their elite art can go suck it.
  • The human form in bike chains: Bike chain sculptures more detailed and beautiful than I could have imagined possible
Body and Mind Edition: Silly Stuff Edition:
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Happy Valentine's Day!

This is our biggest holiday at work--so much so that we have our company holiday party in February instead of December--but since we're an Internet retailer, all the craziness stopped at the Overnight shipping cutoff yesterday afternoon, and today is a day of rest.

So I'm taking the afternoon off to get my new tattoo started. Squee!


Because I have a giant schoolgirl crush on most of you, here are the cards I would fill your pretty pink-and-red construction paper envelopes with:
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By happy conincidence, my evening plans last night took me to the Castro. The atmosphere got approximately 90% more celebratory as soon as I stepped off the Muni at Castro station, and it took me just a minute to realize why. There was a rally going on nearby that I never saw (and apparently one over at City Hall, too), but there were folks with signs and big happy grins, and lots of joyous shouting, and every 20 minutes or so someone in the bar I was at (which is apparently known as the gay Cheers?) called for a toast to marriage equality. It was a pretty great place to be at that moment in time.


Some links for your hump day afternoon slacking pleasure:


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