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In the past I've been a little irrationally annoyed with Leap Day, because grr argh meaningless artifical construct of time. This time around I'm inclined to see it as a little bit magical, a day that doesn't really exist, time hidden from the eyes of the gods. When I said this on Twitter this morning, a friend pointed out that saying that sounded like a great way to get Coyote to mess with me. She's got a point, but I figure with Rabbit tattooed on my back, I've already got the attention of the tricksters. And on the eve of my birthday, I've got a feeling this is going to be the year of poking at gods and other sacred things with sticks.


Leap Day Ephemera, Beautiful Things Edition:
  • A beautiful rant about why photography in all forms is amazing and the photography snobs bemoaning the dying of their elite art can go suck it.
  • The human form in bike chains: Bike chain sculptures more detailed and beautiful than I could have imagined possible
Body and Mind Edition: Silly Stuff Edition:
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Remember When? edition:
  • I've posted this many other elsewheres, but it bears sharing here, too: Remember when you woke up full of awesome?
  • Also remember that long-ago time when MTV playing something besides music videos was a rare late-night treat rather than the other way around? Revisit (most of) it at LiquidTelevision.com. There's no Stick Figure Theater, but you can find it elsenet.
San Francisco edition: You Are Not So Smart edition: NSFW edition:


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