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Our friend T is in town for the traditional Rush show visit. The show was last night, and it was fantastic, as always. More so, actually, thanks to the addition of an 8-piece string ensemble for the second half of the show. The new album hadn't really grabbed me yet, but now that I've heard it live with string accompaniment I see why everyone loves it so much. And the cellos were a great addition to "Red Sector A," too.

It was a pretty long performance, though, and as fun as it was I was ready for it to be over well before the encore. So of course the encore was like half of 2112. I stayed upright for it, but then fell asleep in the car before we were even out of the parking lot.


Some really fascinating long reads for this rainy Friday afternoon: Also, who wants to help me set up a 501c3 of some sort so we can try for a chance to spend the night on Alcatraz?
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Remember When? edition:
  • I've posted this many other elsewheres, but it bears sharing here, too: Remember when you woke up full of awesome?
  • Also remember that long-ago time when MTV playing something besides music videos was a rare late-night treat rather than the other way around? Revisit (most of) it at LiquidTelevision.com. There's no Stick Figure Theater, but you can find it elsenet.
San Francisco edition: You Are Not So Smart edition: NSFW edition:


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