Apr. 7th, 2013

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On the way to a very early breakfast this morning we saw a downed cyclist in the middle of the road, not moving. We immediately pulled over and Paul called 911 while I went to see how she was doing. She was conscious and breathing but not responding to my questions Are you OK? What happened? Can you tell me your name?) with anything but moans, and had a head wound and possibly an arm injury, with a fair amount of blood on the pavement. We relayed these details to the 911 operator and answered their questions about what she looked like and what she was wearing. While we waited for a response team to arrive, we secured the scene (keeping an eye out for cars), assured her someone was on the way, kept a close eye on her consciousness and breathing, and encouraged her to stay where she was, since she kept trying and failing to get up and move away. A police car arrived in about 4 minutes, about the same time that a fireman ran over from the fire station a block down the street and immediately stabilized her head and began to asses the situation (ungloved! I was impressed), and a fire truck and paramedic unit arrived about a minute later.

I was impressed by the response time and they all quickly had the situation well in hand, but I'm wondering if there was anything we should have done differently. Especially after I heard the first fireman on the scene determine that she was more comfortable with Spanish, which may have been part of the reason she wasn't responding to my questions.

First responder types, any advice? What questions should I have asked her, if she'd been able to understand and respond? Is there anything else that I (with decent first aid skills and lots of CPR training but not a trained first responder or medical professional) should have done for her while we waited?


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