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After weeks of unusually persistent rain and chill the weather has once again started delivering the gorgeous crisp sunny days it's supposed to this time of year. Perfect bike-riding days! Except that I am STILL sick, and dealing with vicious cramps, to boot. I'm trying not to be all whiny about it, but it's haaaaard.

I'd started feeling a lot better last week, and was well enough to go out over the weekend and again Monday night, though I was still coughing a bit and never quite got to 100% better. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling most unwell again, and I've been down since. I did go to the doctor yesterday, and she ruled out strep, flu, and bronchial woes, and says it's likely just a very stubborn cold virus and/or a sinus infection. I've got antibiotics for the sinusitis (since it's recurred so soon, it's a safe bet it's bacterial) and codeine for the coughing, and I'm resting as much as I can.

I guess it works out that the vicious cramps have come while I'm already curled up on the couch and can get all the misery out of the way at once, but damn. I'm glad regular exercise over the past year has made my cycle more regular again, but I could really do without two days a month of feeling like I'm being repeatedly kicked in the abdomen. (I am so, so sorry for quietly doubting people who claimed their cramps were debilitating back when I didn't get them. If you believe in karma, you can count this as my punishment.)

The upside of all this enforced downtime is that I'm getting to do the things I often have a hard time letting myself indulge in, either out of weird guilt (I should be doing something productive! Or training for the next ride!) or simple inertia: reading, writing, and playing video games. It feels nice to be away from screens for awhile each day--or at least doing something brain-stimulating in front of them like reading, puzzle-solving, and kicking bad guy ass.
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